About Us

Hi, I'm Jackie. I'm the owner, soap maker, and goat herder at Jax Soap Company and Calmir Farms. Here's the story of how we came to be.

It all started with Tom, Dick and Harry...

In early 2018, we decided to get some goats. Nothing fancy, just a few fainting goats for fun. Tom, Dick and Harry were their names. They were going to be fenced in our yard for the sole purpose of having less grass to cut. A few months later, I said "What the heck, lets get some more goats!" Betty and Barbara Jean were introduced to our herd. Our herd of 5 goats multiplied, then we bought some more for good measure. Fast forward to 2023 and we now have over 100 goats! We have 9 different breeds of goats represented on our farm including Toggenburg, Alpine, Saanen, Nubian, Lamancha, Savanna, Boer, Kiko and Myotonic.

goats and a dog sitting on a hillside

Some of the menagerie - L to R - Luna (Maremma mix), Sterling, Betty and Dolly.

A handful of these goats are dairy goats that we milk twice daily. One can only use so much goat milk so my husband suggested I make some goat milk soap. I'm a food scientist in my day job so making up recipes and testing stuff is right up my alley. After a few tries I realized how much I like making and more importantly, using handmade goat milk soap. I've never been much of a body wash user so I just suffered with commercial bar soaps containing synthetic detergents. Who knew there was a better option?

group of goats in a yard

A few of our dairy goats.

I never thought that making soap would become such an passion for me. Pretty soon after I started, I realized that soap making was here to stay and I needed to share my passion for handmade goat milk soap with others. So, along came Jax Soap Company!

We are located in Southeast Minnesota, just south of the Twin Cities metro area. My husband is the 4th generation of his family on the farm and we have a son and daughter who love the farm life just as much as we do. They help with the chores, and have each claimed a few goats as their own. Along with the goats, we still milk cows daily and our son has a small flock of chickens. Of course, we have a menagerie of dogs and cats on the farm too, and we recently added two mini donkeys named Betty Crocker and Little Debbie.