Why handmade goat milk soap?

Why handmade?

If you’ve ever used a commercially made soap, you know that it can leave your skin feeling “squeaky” clean. Squeaky clean isn’t actually a good thing  - it means that the skin’s natural moisture and oils have been stripped away. The reason commercial “soap” behaves this way is because many of them aren’t actually soap at all. Labeling laws in the US allow for many types of “soaps” made with synthetic detergents and harsh surfactants to simply be called “soap,” and all those long-winded names on the back of your soap bottle could be stripping your skin and making it dryer. True soap is made via a very simple process of combining an alkali (such as lye) with a fat or oil. This reaction creates alkali salts of fatty acids, or, in other words, it makes soap.

Why goat milk?

In addition to coming from some really cute animals, goat milk is also rich in nutrients such as lactic acid, vitamins A,B, D & E, and selenium. These may have a variety of benefits for your skin.  Also, goat milk is rich in fatty acids. The fatty acid content is especially important for keeping the skin’s lipid layer intact to protect the skin. Overall, goat milk just loves your skin!